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Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Protecting Employees From Wrongful Discharge and Retaliation

In most situations, your legal relationship at work is known as "employment at will" — in other words, you can quit your job for any reason at any time, and your employer can terminate you on the same basis, with some important exceptions. We may be able to assist you obtain the relief the law allows if you feel that you lost your job for the following reasons:

  • Reasons that violate state or federal law anti-discrimination laws
  • Reasons that violate "public policy" as embodied in state or federal laws
  • Because you complained about your employer's violation of state or federal laws
  • Because your employer believed you were a "whistleblower" (e.g., complained to outside agencies regarding your employer's violation of state or federal laws
  • In retaliation for complaints about your employer's violation of state or federal law
  • Your termination violates an enforceable employment agreement or contract

If any of these circumstances applies in your situation, contact the employment law attorneys of O'Hara Ruberg Taylor Sloan & Sergent in Covington for a free consultation.

Our lawyers can explain whether any exceptions to employment-at-will might apply in your situation. You can't be terminated for reasons that violate your right to protection from discrimination on the grounds of age, race, sex, disability or other protected classifications. You might also have a right to wrongful termination damages if you're the victim of employer retaliation for asserting a protected right, which might be filing a workers' compensation claim, taking your full maternity leave, or reporting a safety violation to a state agency.

Our employment law attorneys can give you a good idea of your legal options in a case of wrongful or retaliatory termination in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. We not only know how to develop and present the evidence of discrimination, retaliation or other unfair treatment that can support your claim, we can also show you a range of options for resolving the problem.

Depending on the specific facts of your case, we might recommend an immediate civil action for damages. In some situations, it will be more advisable to proceed first through a state or federal administrative agency before initiating civil litigation. In certain cases, we'll be able to use the results of our investigation as valuable leverage for reinstatement or settlement through focused negotiations.

For additional information about your right to protection from job loss for unlawful reasons, contact the Northern Kentucky wrongful termination attorneys at O'Hara Ruberg Taylor Sloan & Sergent in Covington.

If we can assist you with an Employment Law matter, please feel free to call our Firm at 888-675-2520 or contact,

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